6 Things to Look for in a Benefits Advisor

Helping employees navigate health plans, insurance claims, and various benefit options is a full-time task that requires the expertise of benefit industry professionals. HR professionals and People leaders already have a lot on their plate without getting pulled into the rabbit hole of benefits. 

Ideally, the company providing your brokerage services should be this partner since they, after all, know the most about the health plans they helped design for the needs of your company.

With reliable benefits experts in your corner to step up to handle benefits-related questions, your people teams can get back to the business of helping your company recruit and retain your most valuable resource, your people.

When considering solutions for your benefits program, be sure to find one that can partner with your people teams rather than be passive brokers of your health plans.

6 things to look for in a benefits partner:

  1. Benefit industry expertise
  2. Proven ability to develop an employee engagement plan
  3. Proven ability to seamlessly implement a comprehensive benefits program
  4. Dedicated customer service teams
  5. Highly responsive support for both people teams and employees
  6. Ability to be hands-on for presentations and deliver communication templates

Some bonus considerations:

How do your benefits and HR technology stack up?

We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out how your company's benefits packages and HR technology workflows stack up against other companies in your geo, size, and industry. What works best for others and what doesn't? What to keep in mind as you scale?


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