Health Savings Accounts 101 Slideshow

Open enrollment season is upon us! For employers that offer an HSA-eligible plan, we've put together a slideshow you can use to educate your employees about Health Savings Accounts.  

Our #1 tip? 

It's helpful to explain HSAs like a "health 401(k)"—with a key difference. You can dip into this savings account anytime to pay for qualified medical expenses without being penalized (and the list of qualified expenses is surprisingly long!)

Health Savings Accounts 101

Enjoy the (slide) show!

Additional Resources

For more employee education tips, check out How to Drive HSA Adoption: Educate Employees, and 10 Things Your Employees Need to Know About Health Plans.

Employee benefits education is something Lumity handles on behalf of our clients, but it's also a personal passion of mine. Healthcare and benefits are extremely complicated, and I like to think I do my part to help folks avoid costly mistakes. Cheers to better benefits!



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