Workplace Wellness: 5 Companies Getting it Right


Happy and healthy employees are found in happy and healthy workplaces. Employees are more productive and gain the confidence to be more innovative—ultimately adding value to not only your bottom line but your internal culture. If you're the type of leader who gains inspiration from others, take a look at how these highly successful companies demonstrate care for their employees' overall well-being.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg is famous for emphasizing a culture where employees can feel ‘at home’. The tech giant goes above and beyond to make working at Facebook feel better than being at home by offering such perks as gym stipends, free dry cleaning (who doesn’t want to get rid of needing to do laundry?), and flexible Wednesdays. Facebook is also famous for taking ‘free lunch’ to a whole new level with some of the best on-site catering at their campus.

Not to be outdone by other Fortune 500 companies, Facebook pays 100% of employee premiums and covers infertility benefits and egg freezing in case their employees want to expand their families. Other family expansion benefits include stipends to cover newborn expenses, babysitting costs, and adding 4 months of PTO on top of their standard PTO during the first year after having a baby. Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.7

This fast-growing biotech firm receives frequent accolades for its culture and values. So a focus on employee well-being is no surprise. To ensure a successful onboarding, new hires receive their own 23andMe test to gain familiarity with the product, they’re paired with a mentor, and the company hosts new hire dinners to foster relationships with the leadership team.

23andMe walks the walk to ensure equal opportunities for men and women. In fact, the employee population is a 50/50 split between men and women. And the culture is very parent-friendly. They offer a 16-week fully paid parental leave policy that is inclusive for LGBT employees, and they offer a family planning benefit which includes fertility, adoption assistance, and surrogacy reimbursement.

Other wellness benefits include fitness sessions (like yoga, Pilates, and strength training), beginner-friendly sports teams, lunch five days a week, and a dog-friendly office. Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.6

  What fuels the body of employees makes a massive difference to how well teams are able to operate at work - and no one understands this better than Kaiser. They have implemented programs like Go KP, providing healthy recipes for participants and allows employees to track personal fitness goals, as well as join in group fitness challenges. Complementing this program are onsite fitness centers offering employees every opportunity to lead a healthier lifestyle. They have also removed much of the junk food from many of their cafeterias, working towards eliminating sugary drinks and providing healthy options. Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.4


Microsoft goes above and beyond for its employees with several initiatives that reinforce the positive workplace environment they provide. In 2018 and 2017, it made Glassdoor's 50 Best Places to Work.

Microsoft not only offers generous paid parental leave to its employees, but they also require that Microsoft suppliers offer their employees paid parental leave for a minimum of 12 weeks, up to $1,000 per week. In a public statement, the company said, "The case for paid parental leave is clear. Studies show that paid parental leave enriches the lives of families."

Employees are encouraged to look after their wellness with a full health package that includes physician house calls, paid gym memberships, and on-campus perks that include a spa, sports fields, banks, dry cleaning services, salons, shops, and numerous restaurants. Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.4

Twitter believes the way to their employee's hearts (and minds) is through their stomachs.  All the food at their HQ is made by the Bon Appétit Management Co., offering delicious healthy options to fuel their workers through the day. Twitter also has a relaxed approach to holiday entitlement—so relaxed they don’t even take note of employee’s vacation days.

They believe that their workers know best when they need to recharge. They provide an onsite gym at headquarters with various fitness classes to motivate workers towards a healthier future. They also offer five months paid maternity leave and 10 weeks paid paternity leave.  Twitter understands the importance of fitness, rest, and support for the creation of healthy employees. Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.2

Create a Culture of Care

While these companies may seem a million miles away when it comes to workplace wellness, even a small HR or people operations team can make a huge impact. Consider whether some of the following perks make sense for your employees:

  • Providing quality, healthy food options in your cafeteria
  • Creating opportunities for exercise in the workplace
  • Supporting employees during important life events such as the birth or adoption of a child
  • Valuing rest time and giving more autonomy over vacations
  • Providing health advocacy and incentive programs

How does your company rate?

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