Human + Machine: Creating A Modern Benefits Experience

When it comes to benefits, it’s vital that your solution provider is 100% laser-focused on delivering a delightful employee experience.

The Rub

Until now, employers have typically gone one of two ways:

  • All-in-Onewhile all-in-one HR solutions may solve employer workflow issues, they lack a good employee benefits experience because their support teams and technology roadmaps are spread too thin.
  • Traditional Brokersthey tend to focus on keeping HR and People teams happy by providing "good service"—but the service stops when it comes to managing the technology stack. This falls to your internal team.

In both cases, you're stuck in the middle—either stuck delivering support or figuring out the technology piece. Even as the broker gets paid their commissions and fees, and the tech vendor gets paid their SaaS licenses. The transactional nature of the old arrangements creates an imbalance, and the symptoms are magnified at high-growth companies (especially when you're competing for talent in a candidate's job market).

A Better Way

Lumity’s solution model removes friction points and re-aligns value back to internal teams. Instead of paying two separate vendors (broker + technology), the platform and service are fully integrated, and Lumity serves as your integration layer.   Lumity has delivered a modern benefits solution for clients such as Greenhouse, GoFundMe, and Wealthfront. Contact Lumity for a complimentary consultation, and find out whether we might be the right partner to deliver a superior benefits experience for you—and for your employees.

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