Service + Software: A Modern Employee Benefits Experience

Owning the entire employee benefits experience end-to-end is critical in successfully integrating benefits expertise, technology, and employee support. Because Lumity is the service and technology platform, we feel the same pain. The difference is we can do something about it. We can build features that make people's lives easier.

Maybe you know this already. Maybe someone on your HR or People operations team deals with this on a daily basis. There's no reason to deal with this unnecessary overhead. Here are the top 3 pain points we've found from talking to hundreds of HR and People teams in managing their benefits program day-to-day:

  • Enrollment
  • ID cards
  • Qualifying Life Events

EDI / Enrollments

HR and People teams that have had experience setting up EDI feeds with carriers on systems like ADP, UltiPro, or Workday know the process can often take months. In the intervening period between when an EDI feed is fully QA’d, setup, and actually working as intended, internal teams are on the hook for manual enrollments and troubleshooting any errors with the actual feeds. It's a huge headache.

With Lumity, our back office team manages EDI feeds, QA’ing the setup and running manual enrollments until our system is fully live with your EDI - no troubleshooting or manual enrollments on you or your team’s side. It just works.

In cases where our clients are using their own HRIS/BenAdmin systems, we also take care of the manual enrollments until these tech vendors are fully up and live with EDI feeds. It’s our mission to ensure technology does not become a bottleneck to a seamless employee benefits experience.


ID cards

The period between the end of open enrollment and employees receiving their physical ID cards is always a period of high anxiety for HR and People teams. A few employees (or dependents) always have critical healthcare needs during this period. Without their ID cards, these employees are often forced to navigate the healthcare system to convince providers they have insurance, and then file for reimbursement with carriers.

The faster an employee can actually get their ID, the sooner they can avoid the rigmarole of navigating the healthcare / carrier bureaucracy without an official status.  

Because we execute the enrollments and ensure coverage is bound, electronic ID cards are uploaded into the Lumity employee portal, often 5-10 days before physical ID cards are mailed out by the carriers.

Not only does this save these high-need employees time and hassle, but it enables those employees who never remember their IDs to access their electronic copies anytime, anywhere (usually right when they are at the doctor / dentist’s office).


Qualifying Life Events (QLE)

There are myriad rules for QLEs, from domestic partner additions to moving out of network coverage areas that can trigger qualifying events. Lumity’s partnership model with our clients enables our teams to handle the documentation review and statuses, escalating relevant issues to internal teams. This way, the majority of QLE documentation submission and reviews are handled on our side, freeing up internal teams on day-to-day administration and enabling them to move upstream on policy development and strategic initiatives.

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