Lumity Welcomes National Employee Benefits Practice Leaders

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Lumity is excited to announce Amit Ahluwalia has joined our executive team as National Employee Benefits Practice Leader. Amit is an industry veteran having built and scaled successful cross-functional teams in the benefits and HR tech space.

Amit’s Background

Amit began his benefits career at CBIZ MHM Resources and rose through various roles including Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer. As the VP of Business Development at WageWorks, Amit led the SMB team of Account Executives and Consultants that implemented benefits plans for thousands of employers nationally. He also led the team providing consulting and technology solutions to hundreds of third party administrators, brokerage firms and insurance carriers. Amit founded Plans du Jour, a SaaS technology provider, and most recently was VP of Sales at Flock, an HR and Benefits SaaS solution for brokers looking to offer competitive and innovative solutions to their clients.

Amit’s Role at Lumity

As National Employee Benefits Practice Leader at Lumity, Amit brings deep insights in the HR and benefits technology landscape, as well as a core understanding of the unique challenges confronting traditional benefits brokers in a rapidly shifting ecosystem. Amit will lead Lumity’s national team of Regional Benefits Executives and Account Executives who are accountable for providing local help to employers in major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.


To provide a sense of Amit and why he chose to join Lumity, we sat down for a Q&A session.

Q: Why did you join Lumity?

A: Lumity is doing something that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Lumity has brought together data scientists, benefits professionals and technologists to give employers and employees actionable information that has the power to reduce both their insurance premiums and total benefits costs. That same team has also developed innovative technology that changes HR spending metrics so that employers eliminate back office costs and reduce employee support costs to a fraction of their current level. All of this is done while increasing the satisfaction employers and employees have with their broker, their support team, and their technology systems.

Q: What are your thoughts on the benefits industry at large?

A: The average age of an insurance professional is 54, with most insurance industry professionals being older than 45. It’s not a bright outlook for innovation when in an antiquated industry that desperately needs better solutions to increasingly complex challenges facing HR and benefits professionals. Lumity is taking an entirely new approach. We’re rebalancing incentives back to the client; and as the broker, we’re the only player in the benefits space that has the types of margins to provide the type of high-touch, modern benefits experience that employers and employees need to navigate this complex ecosystem. The question we should be asking is why most brokers do not invest in the client experience when they are in a position to do so.

Q: Lumity has a unique model. How will you scale it?

A: We have to build a culture that reflects the voice of the client in our benefits specialists. In order to accomplish our fiduciary role, we need to ensure our team does not favor a carrier or third-party vendor—and we need to make sure we are always listening to the client and delivering what we say we are going to deliver. My team will be the vanguard of this consultative solutions-based approach, and we will hire and scale according to these principles.

Q: Anything else you’d like people to know about you?

A: I’m excited to be on a team of divergent thinkers and doers, and I’m looking for like-minded people to add to our culture and join our mission!

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