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A better Employer Benefits experience

When was the last time you were able to find all your benefits information in a single place? With Lumity as your partner, you'll gain a better benefits experience and administration ease.

What does a modern benefits program look like?

Lumity delivers a better benefits experience to employers--and their employees. Employers gain visibility and control over the annual health plan renewal process and a single portal for all their benefits information. Employees have easy access to all their health plan information, ID cards, and a benefits expert to talk to when they have a question, a claims issue, or a health emergency.

Lumity's health plan marketplace

Lumity's Health Plan Marketplace incorporates both company and employee-level information and feeds data directly to the carriers, so you get the most competitive proposals--that best fit the real needs of your population.

Uplevel your employee benefits experience

Lumity's modern benefits solution is built from the ground up for both the employer AND employees. For employees, a mobile-first, always-on experience provides access to ID cards, health plan information, and one-tap access to benefits advocates and experts, significantly lightening the burden on HR. Employees and candidates can also view benefits from your company's branded Digital Benefits Guide. The Digital Benefits Guide contains plan details, perks, required legal notices, and, detailed walk throughs and plan recommendations are baked directly into the guide, so your employees get the guidance they need to select the health plan that best meets their needs.