In our previous post about driving Health Savings Account (HSA) adoption, we covered how to mitigate employee risk with your health plan design. In this final post in our series, we’ll focus on employee HSA education. HSA survey respondents who cited a “lack of employee understandin...
Jun 19, 2018
When a significant even happens in your life, you may be able to make changes to your employer-sponsored health insurance to add or drop coverage for you or dependents. When this happens, the insurance company requires certain documentation to confirm that your life event qualifies. Here is a lis...
Mar 27, 2017
Every year that short window of time opens up when employees are allowed to revisit their benefits. Open enrollment can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming time for everyone involved since it's typically the only time during the year when employees can make changes to their bene...
May 02, 2016