In the competition for talent, salary and benefits consistently remain the top two swaying factors. In fact, a Glassdoor survey showed that 4 out of 5 employees would prefer better benefits over a raise (79%). And the numbers spike (89%) for younger employees in the 18-34 age range. Busin...
Apr 18, 2019
Today, most employers make health plan and benefits decisions blindly. Employees know how much they're spending on health care, but they have little say in deciding which plans a company will offer them. Yet you share a common goal: lowering healthcare costs. If you're like most employe...
Aug 15, 2018
Let’s face it. Open enrollment is the season of frustration and worry. Employees struggle to determine which plan is best for them, and HR professionals shoulder the burden of making sure they find it. And each season seems to bring a new curve ball, prompting yet another call to your broker o...
Feb 20, 2018

Better Benefits: Brokers and the Rabbit Hole of Fees

Budgeting for benefits. Every year during FP&A, finance professionals gather around spreadsheets trying to read the tea leaves on expected company benefit costs for the coming quarter or year. CFOs need to budget cash reserves (for self fundin...

Apr 24, 2016