Greenhouse's Better Employee Benefit Experience

Greenhouse Software, the leading designer of recruiting and onboarding software, set a quarterly objective to strengthen internal culture and prepare for future growth. As a small people team, they needed comprehensive employee engagement plans and support to ensure their 200+ employees would get a seamless benefits experience to make informed decisions about their new health plans during open enrollment and throughout the year.


Lumity’s dedicated communication and customer success teams worked together with the Greenhouse People Ops Team to create a custom engagement experience. Lumity worked hands-on to create Greenhouse-branded benefit guides and collaborate on content for open enrollment materials, providing employees with to-the-point information about their health plan and benefits program. Lumity also gave in-person open enrollment presentations to Greenhouse’s New York and San Francisco locations to educate employees on the intricacies of health insurance and provide one-on-one enrollment counseling.

After open enrollment, Lumity continued to support and collaborate with the Greenhouse People Ops Team to create continuing education materials around health plan usage, medical savings accounts and claims dispute support. Lumity’s dedicated customer success manager continues to regularly support Greenhouse People Ops and employees in answering benefit questions and providing health advocacy to navigate their benefits program.

We loved Lumity’s partnership approach to benefit engagement. They took the time to be hands-on and make this process collaborative. We felt we had a partner to help us provide our employees with a great benefit experience not only for open enrollment but throughout the year.

James Manns
Benefits Analyst

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