The Linux Foundation Saves Over $450k On Healthcare Costs


The Linux Foundation, a growing non-profit with 80 employees, was spending more than $1.2M a year on employee health care. The foundation needed to migrate off its PEO to:

  1. Optimize its health plans,
  2. Mitigate rising health care costs while maintaining competitive benefits, and
  3. Establish control over payroll and HR administration.


Lumity used its proprietary risk model to analyze the foundation’s health data and unearthed a significant discrepancy between projected health care expenses and the rates the foundation was paying their carrier.

In the previous two years, the overall group health profile had dramatically improved. As a result, Lumity was able to negotiate lower premiums and a wider network plan, and cost savings were reduced without sacrificing coverage. Additionally, employees gained Lumity’s data-driven enrollment software to guide their health plan decisions and enroll in health savings accounts (HSAs) using a single login.


The Linux Foundation saved $450,000 on its health plans, which allowed it to allocate more resources towards hiring. An additional $100,00 saved in PEO licensing fees was funneled into employee HSA contributions. This drove HSA adoption from 6% to over 80%.


The foundation forecast projected a further rate reduction for the following renewal, netting a further 10% cost savings with no compromise on coverage or plan design.

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Lumity made it easy for us to migrate off Trinet, saved us 37% in apples-to-apples coverage, and made our employees better off in the process. We can allocate more resources to hiring with the $450,000 we saved. It’s time a company like Lumity stepped in to help employers and employees use data to inform these decisions.

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Jim Zemlin
Executive Director

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and commercial adoption.