A Seamless Transition to Better Benefits With Cost Savings


100-person Gametime was rapidly adding headcount and looking to move off their current Zenefits HRIS platform. They knew they needed a system that could provide better benefits administration, but they also wanted the expertise and support that came with a traditional benefits advisor to help them scale and support the small in-house finance/HR team.

As a growing tech company, Gametime needed the dedicated expertise to help them lock in better health plans and rates than the current plans offered by Zenefits.


Lumity’s benefits specialists dove in and assessed their current plan designs and setup with Zenefits. After analyzing Gametime’s census information and health plan designs, the company’s favorable health risk profile enabled them to lock in composite-banded large group rates.

Lumity’s onboarding team took care of the migration of the Gametime’s census and employee roster into Lumity’s benefits platform, and a benefits specialist came on-site to explain the new benefits offerings and answer questions during open enrollment.


Both the company and its employees were able to reduce healthcare costs. Gametime re-invested its $50,000 in savings to expand benefits:

  • Add dental and vision
  • Add medical savings accounts (HSA and FSA)
  • Increase employer contributions to dependent medical plans from 50% to 70% of the total cost of premiums
  • Offer Kaiser health plan options per employee request (something that had not been possible through Zenefits)

In addition, Lumity’s account team continues to play a critical role in the benefits-to-payroll workflow with Gusto, ensuring zero disruption to the established processes set by the Gametime team.

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We knew we needed software to help automate the administration of benefits, but we didn’t want a solution without the type of insight and expertise you normally get from a traditional benefits broker. Lumity’s comprehensive benefits solution, analytics and expertise was just what we were looking for to move off Zenefits.

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Ben McCarthy

Gametime makes finding the perfect live experience remarkably fast and easy (especially last-minute).

If you’re interested in how Lumity can help your company optimize benefits, schedule a free consultation with Lumity’s benefits expert now.