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Articles by Amit Ahluwalia
National Employee Benefits Practice Leader at Lumity, Inc

Inspiring and tenacious executive who leads sales, marketing, business development and account management organizations.

As employees embrace the ability to “work from anywhere”, it’s critical to point out a common mistake. Before relocating, it’s essential employees let you know before they make the move. If they move first, then notify you, these are common issues we've seen employers...
Apr 19, 2021
3 Common Issues When Employees Relocate without Notifying Their Employer First
In most companies, the first international new hires are salespeople. Typically, the head of sales comes to HR and says something like, “Hey, we’re going to expand” or “I just hired someone in Ireland.” (Or Bolivia, or The Netherlands, or ________ ). Now it’s i...
Jul 31, 2020
Going Global with Benefits
If you’re contemplating a reduction in force (RIF) to cut your operational costs, it’s critical to avoid this all-too-common mistake. Large vs Small Group Health Plan Costs If the RIF will drop you down from large group to small group health insurance rates, you risk paying signifi...
Apr 29, 2020
Before a RIF, factor in small vs large group health plan costs
For most U.S. employers, providing employee health care coverage is a cost of doing business, not your core business. And it's the second largest operational expense after wages. Yet HR and finance professionals have little—or no—visibility into this expense. How bad is it? If...
Oct 11, 2019
The Game Theory Behind Health Plan Renewals
There’s a narrow window when using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) makes good business sense. They’re especially suited for small companies that are just getting off the ground because the co-employment relationship means they take on the employer responsibilities so you can f...
Sep 10, 2019
Goodbye PEO, Now What?
If the marketing messages surrounding health insurance captive trusts sound too good to be true, you’re right to be skeptical.  I understand why the over-simplified messaging resonates. Insurance underwriting is dry stuff. Health plan mechanics are excruciatingly complex. So there&rsqu...
Jul 30, 2019
Cons of a Captive Trust