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Articles by Aaron Huang
Chief Marketing Officer at Lumity, Inc

Analytical technology leader with broad experience growing and developing high-performing teams in marketing, product, business development, and leadership functions.

Today's modern, tech-enabled workforce compounds the challenge of employee communications. Everyone—you, me, and our employees—is more distracted than ever. While solving the problems of employee communication won’t be easy, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. NOTE...
Apr 02, 2019
4 Tips for Scaling Employee Communication
(It kind of sucks right now, but it’ll get better) This month has been a great opportunity for meeting new companies, benefits and people specialists, and technologists at HRTech, the EBN Benefits Forum, and other meetups. One thing is certain: there’s A LOT to digest!   &n...
Oct 02, 2018
The Ups and Downs of HRTech Disruption
A core premise of tech is the promise of scalability and automation. But in the HR and benefits technology landscape, this promise can feel hollow when it comes to all-in-one HR tech players. The magic and fulfillment just isn’t there yet, and buyers need to be aware of this. To illustrate...
May 07, 2018
The Seduction of All-in-One HR Technology
It’s an interesting time to be a player in the burgeoning HR tech ecosystem. Every day, it seems like another company pops up with a new game-changing feature. For HR and People teams trying to identify the best vendor to meet their needs, it’s important to dive into the nuts and bolts a...
May 01, 2018
How to choose the right HRIS / payroll vendor
Budgeting for benefits. Every year during FP&A, finance professionals gather around spreadsheets trying to read the tea leaves on expected company benefit costs for the coming quarter or year. CFOs need to budget cash reserves (for self funding) or benefits budgets based on headcount. Often,...
Apr 24, 2016
Better Benefits: Brokers and the Rabbit Hole of Fees